• Car Rental

    Car Rental

    Do you need a car to travel? Myconciergerie finds you a rental car wherever you are.

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  • Transfer


    Our best vehicles and drivers are available to all your transfers (airport, railway station, hotel...) in France or abroad.  With…

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  • Visit


    Myconciergerie gives you the chance to visit many exceptionals places. These tours can be on demand. For instance, we can…

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  • Catering


    We will find the best caterer for all kinds of events (wedding, seminar, reception, birthday etc.). The Myconciergerie caterers are…

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  • Taxi


    We organise all your travel from one place to another by optimizing the itinerary with our taxis providers. Available 24/7,…

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  • Show


    Thanks to our providers, we offer you the opportunity to be at all kinds of shows (opera, concert, theater, ballet, preview…

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  • Education Support

    Education Support

    The well-being of your children and their personal development are also very important for us. That's why we offer a…

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  • Outings


    We organise your familial outings (holiday, cultural outings, amusement parks etc.).

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  • Sophrology


    To balance your professional life with your private life is one of our main goals. Sophrology is now a way…

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  • Restaurant


    Myconciergerie books for you the best tables in the restaurant of your choice, alone, two or more.

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  • Relaxation


    Myconciergerie offers relaxation sessions to reduce stress and be able to relax.

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  • Amusement Parks

    Amusement Parks

    For the enjoyment of adults and children, we also organize trips to amusement parks.

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  • Organic Food

    Organic Food

    In an eco-friendly approach, Myconciergerie offers organic food made up several organic products (food, cosmetics, cleaning products...).

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  • Package Tours

    Package Tours

    Myconciergerie organise all kind of travels on demand. In a professional or private context, we are available to make you…

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  • Flower Delivery

    Flower Delivery

    Did you forget a birthday ? A celebration ? Or do you just want to make a gift to a…

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  • Pet-Sitter


    Myconciergerie offers pet-sitter service at any time. If you are traveling or you are away during a long / short period…

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  • Professional Training

    Professional Training

    Both for individuals and businesses, we offer professional training as well as appropriate refresher training, depending on your needs. 

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  • Sporting Events

    Sporting Events

    We find you the best tickets to go to your favorite sporting events (soccer, basket-ball, cycling, athletics, tennis, rugby, golf etc.).

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  • Exceptional Events

    Exceptional Events

    You need one or more vehicles for a specific event? We are available to guide you to a reception, show,…

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  • Aesthetic


    For your well-being, Myconciergerie offers you many aesthetic services (hair-stylist, nutritionist, beautician, sports coach, personal shopper etc.).

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  • Home


    We offer you several services related to your home: You need to repair something, to make renovation or home support services…

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  • Travel


    Our transportation services are created for you and whatever you need. You have to travel for a professional purpose or personal purpose, we…

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  • Computer Repair

    Computer Repair

    Myconciergerie help you to repair your computer and also others electronic devices. We offer many adjusted solutions.

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  • Tasting


    We offer you many culinary and wine tasting with our best suppliers. We also organize visits of wine cellars for…

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  • Chef


    Myconciergerie offers the services of the best chefs at home for all your culinary discoveries. You also have access to cooking tips from…

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  • Baby-Sitter


    Myconciergerie find a responsible and confident baby-sitter to take care of your child when you are away, even at the…

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