Private Individual

Private Individual

Your personal concierge is here to answer all your requests!

You just have to contact Myconciergerie call centre or to connect you on your member log in the website

Our concierges enhance your lifestyle doing everything.

For instance:
do extra errands, wash the car, go to the dry cleaning, find a craftsman, organize a birthday party, find a babysitter, organise your travel arrangements, advise you in your shopping (personal shopper), organise your holidays, help you in your research of property, ...

How does it work?

If you require benefiting daily from our sustainable, ecological and useful amenities at work, your company has just to subscribe.
Then, you will pay directly the provider the cost of service, at a market price or at a negotiated price by Myconciergerie.
Moreover, becoming a customer of Myconciergerie, we make you benefit from the advantages we have with our network of partners.

The spread of amenities is determined by the specific needs of all employees after an internal audit.
Then, Myconciergerie propounds your company business the best suitable offer.
The monthly subscription depends also on the number of the total employees.
Please note that some benefits can be paid by Universal Employment Services Cheques (Chèques Emploi Service Universel in French).

In any case, there are tax benefits for your employer; here are different ways to arouse interest from your company:

  • Talk to your works council,
  • Introduce the benefits in terms of image and internal communication to the HR department and to the person responsible for PR.

You can also encourage all employees interested in to fill in this form.
This will allow us to contact your Head Office Department, while being already aware about the number of persons interested in. Our exchanges could remain private if you wish so.